Marais Players General meeting

Monday, January 23, 2017

Starting at 7:00pm

Location: MEC, 800 Horicon st, Mayville


All interested people are welcome to attend.

The Marais Players is a community theater group based in Mayville, WI.
We have been entertaining local audiences since 1971.

SPRING 2017  


Directed by Dennis Gourlie


Randy Wenzel as Todd

Trina Justman Reichert as Billy

Tim Bachhuber as Frank

Jen Feucht as Karen

Chris Feucht as Eric

Geri Feucht as Mrs. Meekly


James Markgraf as The Mayor


April 21 - Show Only (7:30pm)

April 22 - Dinner (12:30pm) and Show (1:30pm)

April 22 - Show Only (7:30pm)

April 23 - Dinner (12:30pm) and Show (1:30pm)

April 28 - Show Only (7:30pm)
April 29 - Dinner (12:30pm) and Show (1:30pm)
April 29 - Show Only (7:30)

Dinners provided by The Pub

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Our name 'Marais' is French for 'Marsh' and was inspired by the local beauty of the Horicon Marsh wildlife area. Mayville borders the marsh on the east and is known as the "Gateway to the Horicon Marsh".