The Marais Players is a community theater group based in Mayville, WI.
We have been entertaining local audiences since 1971.

Our name 'Marais' is French for 'Marsh' and was inspired by the local beauty of the Horicon Marsh wildlife area. Mayville borders the marsh on the east and is known as the "Gateway to the Horicon Marsh". 

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Marais Players meeting

Date: Sunday, May 19th.

Time: 3:00pm

Location: Mayville Senior Center,

(330 N. Walnut Street)


All interested people are welcome to attend.

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The Marais Players, Mayville's community theatre group for nearly 50 years, invite you to their annual meeting. Join us on Sunday, May 19th at 3pm at the Mayville Senior Center (330 N. Walnut Street). We are seeking feedback from the previous year and ideas for the upcoming season. Elections will also be held at this time. Even if you have never participated in a Marais Players production, you are encouraged to attend. The group is seeking new members to perform various roles, including serving on the board, directing, acting, sound & lighting, stage managing, set design & building and more.
Please submit any inquiries to Trina at We hope to see you at the meeting!