Show dates: April 12-14,18-21. 

Our name 'Marais' is French for 'Marsh' and was inspired by the local beauty of the Horicon Marsh wildlife area. Mayville borders the marsh on the east and is known as the "Gateway to the Horicon Marsh". 

Cast Announced!

Marais Players meeting

Date: Monday June 19th

Time: 6:45 PM

Location: American Legion Post 69

134 South Main Mayville Wisconsin, 53050​​            

Marais Players bylaw meeting

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The Marais Players is a community theater group based in Mayville, WI.
We have been entertaining local audiences since 1971.

Myra Marlowe - Lori McCanna
Reba Harper - Julie Wild
Cora Gump - Lara Funke Nothem
Piney - Dev Beal
Willa Mae Wilcox - Jamie Gourlie-Wescott
Tom Lamont - Christopher Feucht
The Sheriff - Jen Bonack Feucht