Cast Announced for the Fall Show!

Our name 'Marais' is French for 'Marsh' and was inspired by the local beauty of the Horicon Marsh wildlife area. Mayville borders the marsh on the east and is known as the "Gateway to the Horicon Marsh". 

Show dates: Nov 2-5, 9-12. 

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Marais Players meeting

Date: Monday June 19th

Time: 6:45 PM

Location: American Legion Post 69

134 South Main Mayville Wisconsin, 53050​​            

Marais Players bylaw meeting

The Marais Players is a community theater group based in Mayville, WI.
We have been entertaining local audiences since 1971.

Mimi Laroche – Lori McCanna
Francois Laroche – Michael Detert
Robin Wren – Donna Lane
Paolo Quinti – Marty Wagner
Happy Lamperson – Debbi Rebek
Elsie Welks – Anne Helmbrecht
Gina Retch – Aubrey Kahlhamer
Roskel T. Goomy – Barbara Vockroth
Josie Nackerly – Renae Metke
Jip Nackerly – Owen Oechsner
Enira De Can - Julie Wild
Madame Zillinda – Connie Wagner
Nigel Havic – Ron Metke
Lola St. Brittania – Gabriela Twigg
Ronnie Zircon – Quinlynn Bloch
Hanula Bing – Brooke Bloch
Liza Bethingil – Dawn Reinke
Cockroach – Ray Woznick

Director – Michael Detert
Assistant Director/Producer – Diane Trevarthen