The Marais Players, Inc. Scholarship Information:
The Marais Players, Inc., is an area based, community theatre was formed in 1971.  The group's purpose is to provide live theater entertainment to the area and to encourage the involvement of people interested in acting, directing, set design, and any other aspect relative to live theater. We strive to present high quality entertainment at a reasonable cost.
1)  Current year graduate of Mayville High School or a local student enrolled in college.     

       (Priority will be giving to current year graduate of Mayville High School)
2)  Applicants must maintain a minimum "B" average to apply.
3)  Students must be pursuing a degree at a recognized two-year or four-year post-secondary institution.
4)  Students must be pursuing a degree in The Arts (Painting, Sculpture, Literature,
Architecture, Cinema, Music, Theater, Dance, Design) Applicants will be required to submit their course schedule showing they are taking courses in The Arts prior to the distribution of funds.
$1,500 / renewable
Depending on the number of applicants for the scholarship, the Marais Players Inc. reserves the right to modify the dollar amount with the minimum being $500.
Payment will be made in one installment following verification through a copy of the class schedule that the student is enrolled in the appropriate classes. The Marais Players Inc. reserves the right to verify compliance with the terms of the scholarship.​​

Congratulations to our 2019 Marais Players Scholarship recipient, McKenna Podbrscek! 
"All the World's a Stage!"

Congratulations to our 2021 Marais Players Scholarship recipient, Jasmine Maller!